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April 30 – May 6, 2012

Day Movie Title (15 total titles) Composer(s) Links
Wings (Limited Engagement Reissue) J.S. Zamecnik View Album
The Avengers Alan Silvestri View 8 Albums
View 4 Songs
Asylum Blackout Christophe Chassol View Album
A Beautiful Soul - View Album
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Thomas Newman View 2 Albums
View 9 Songs
Death of a Superhero (Am Ende eines viel zu kurzen Tages) Marius Ruhland View Album
First Position Chris Hajian View 8 Songs
Follow Me: The Yoni Netanyahu Story -
Grandmaster Deepak Dev
Jannat 2 Pritam Chakraborty View Album
Last Call at the Oasis Jeff Beal View Album
View 4 Songs
A Little Bit of Heaven Heitor Pereira
Ivan Neville (songs)
View 29 Songs
LOL Rob Simonsen View 20 Songs
Meeting Evil Ryan Beveridge View 3 Songs
The Perfect Family Andrew Kaiser View 14 Songs

May 7 – 13, 2012

Day Movie Title (22 total titles) Composer(s) Links
Patience (After Sebald) -
Dark Shadows Danny Elfman View 3 Albums
View 20 Songs
A Bag of Hammers Johnny Flynn View Album
View 17 Songs
Bonsai Caroline Chaspoul
Eduardo Henriquez
View 14 Songs
The Cup Bruce Rowland View 2 Albums
View 4 Songs
Dangerous Ishhq Himesh Reshammiya View Album
DeadTime John Roome
Christopher Brady (songs)
View 8 Songs
El Gringo Luis Ascanio View 22 Songs
Girl In Progress Christopher Lennertz View 2 Albums
View 23 Songs
God Bless America Matt Kollar View 24 Songs
Hick Larry Campbell View 22 Songs
I Wish Quruli View 5 Songs
Nesting Julian Wass View 20 Songs
Otter 501 Mark Adler
Philly Kid Ian Honeyman View Album
View 26 Songs
Poupoupidou (Nobody Else But You) Stephane Lopez
Ava (additional music)
View Album
View 16 Songs
Sleepless Night (Nuit Blanche) Nicolas Errèra View Album
View 21 Songs
Small, Beautifully Moving Parts Xander Duell View 11 Songs
Stash House Luis Ascanio View Album
View 4 Songs
Tonight You're Mine Brian McAlpine View 26 Songs
Transit Chris Westlake View Album
View 1 Song
Where Do We Go Now? Khaled Mouzanar View Album
View 9 Songs

May 14 – 20, 2012

Day Movie Title (19 total titles) Composer(s) Links
The Dictator Erran Baron Cohen View Album
View 20 Songs
Elena Philip Glass View 7 Songs
Battleship Steve Jablonsky
Jacob Shea (additional music)
View 2 Albums
View 16 Songs
What to Expect When You're Expecting Mark Mothersbaugh View Album
View 28 Songs
American Animal - View 10 Songs
Beyond the Black Rainbow Sinoia Caves View Album
View 3 Songs
Bill W. Gil Talmi View 27 Songs
The Color Wheel Preston Spurlock
Crooked Arrows Brian Ralston View Album
View 19 Songs
Entrance - View 37 Songs
Hysteria Gast Waltzing
Christian Henson (additional music)
View Album
View 2 Songs
Indie Game: The Movie Jim Guthrie
Podington Bear (additional music)
Shira Kammen (additional music)
Steph Thirion (additional music)
View Album
No Songs
Lovely Molly Tortoise View Album
View 8 Songs
Mansome Jingle Punks No Songs
Never Stand Still: Dancing at Jacob's Pillow -
Polisse Stephen Warbeck View Album
View 6 Songs
The Samaritan Todor Kobakov View Album
View 10 Songs
Space Dogs 3D -
Virginia Nick Urata View Album
View 19 Songs

May 21 – 27, 2012

Day Movie Title (10 total titles) Composer(s) Links
Chernobyl Diaries Diego Stocco View Album
View 5 Songs
Men in Black 3 Danny Elfman View 2 Albums
View 15 Songs
Arjun: The Warrior Prince -
Cowgirls n' Angels Alan Williams View Album
View 21 Songs
Henning Mankell's 'Wallander': The Revenge Flaskkvartetten
Hide Away Tony Morales
Edward Rogers
View 8 Songs
The Intouchables Ludovico Einaudi
Sylvano Santorio (additional music)
View 3 Albums
View 26 Songs
Moonrise Kingdom Alexandre Desplat
Mark Mothersbaugh (theme(s))
View 3 Albums
View 20 Songs
OC87: The Obsessive Compulsive, Major Depression, Bipolar, Asperger's Movie Michael Aharon
Oslo, August 31st Torgny Amdam
Ola Flottum
View 18 Songs

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