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June 3 – 9, 2013

Day Movie Title (19 total titles) Composer(s) Links
The Internship Christophe Beck
Jake Monaco (additional music)
View Album
View 26 Songs
The Purge Nathan Whitehead View Album
View 4 Songs
As Cool as I Am Christopher Lennertz
Zach Ryan (additional music)
View 19 Songs
Dirty Wars David Harrington View 12 Songs
Evocateur: The Morton Downey Jr. Movie Peter Rundquist View 17 Songs
Finding Joy Jeff Cardoni View Album
View 12 Songs
Going Attractions: The Definitive Story of the American Drive-in Movie Dave Glover
Kate Houle
Rob Houle
Hey Bartender -
The Iran Job Kareem Roustom View 17 Songs
Lost and Found in Armenia Narek Ghaplanyan
Much Ado About Nothing Joss Whedon View Album
View 3 Songs
The Prey (La proie) noko View Album
View 3 Songs
The Rambler Scott Honea
Jed Maheu
Heather McIntosh
View 11 Songs
Rapture-Palooza Joachim Horsley View 15 Songs
Syrup Peter Bateman
Andrew Holtzman
Paul Saunderson
Sunna Wehrmeijer (additional music)
View 8 Songs
Tiger Eyes Nathan Larson View 12 Songs
Violet & Daisy Paul Cantelon View 13 Songs
Wish You Were Here Tim Rogers View Album
View 5 Songs
You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet Mark Snow View Album
View 1 Song

June 10 – 16, 2013

Day Movie Title (22 total titles) Composer(s) Links
The Gardener Paul Collier
Salar Samadi
This is the End Henry Jackman
Dominic Lewis (additional music)
Matthew Margeson (additional music)
View 4 Albums
View 25 Songs
More Than Honey Peter Scherer View Album
No Songs
Pandora's Promise Gary Lionelli No Songs
A Coffee in Berlin Cherilyn MacNeil
The Major Minors
View Album
Before Midnight (wide expansion) Graham Reynolds View Album
View 3 Songs
Man of Steel Hans Zimmer
Tom Holkenborg (additional music)
Andrew Kawczynski (additional music)
Steve Mazzaro (additional music)
Atli Orvarsson (additional music)
View 9 Albums
View 3 Songs
20 Feet from Stardom Dan Crane (additional music)
Bill Maxwell (additional music)
View Album
View 26 Songs
200 Cartas -
Berberian Sound Studio Broadcast View 2 Albums
View 8 Songs
Between Us Tobias Enhus
H. Scott Salinas
View 2 Songs
The Bling Ring Daniel Lopatin
Brian Reitzell
View 2 Albums
View 27 Songs
Call Me Kuchu Jonathan Mandabach
Far Out Isn't Far Enough: The Tomi Ungerer Story Eoin Coughlan
Daragh Dukes
Ben Sollee
View 3 Songs
Fukrey Ram Sampath
The Guillotines Chan Kwong Wing
Hatchet III Scott Glasgow View Album
View 1 Song
In the Fog - No Songs
So Young (Zhi wo men zhong jiang shi qu de qing chun) Peng Dou
The Stroller Strategy Sylvain Ohrel
Vehicle 19 Daniel Matthee
James Matthes
View Album
View 4 Songs
My Little Pony: Equestria Girls William Anderson

June 17 – 23, 2013

Day Movie Title (15 total titles) Composer(s) Links
Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire -
Monsters University Randy Newman View Album
View 4 Songs
World War Z Marco Beltrami
Brandon Roberts (additional music)
Buck Sanders (additional music)
Marcus Trumpp (additional music)
View 3 Albums
View 5 Songs
The Attack (L'Attentat) Eric Neveux View 2 Albums
View 1 Song
Compulsion Jonathan Goldsmith View 7 Songs
Downloaded DJ Spooky
The Haunting of Helena Michele Josia No Songs
A Hijacking (Kapringen) Hildur Gudnadottir View 11 Songs
Liars All Stephen Light
Made in Cleveland Bethesda
Isaac Nicholas
Maniac Rob View 5 Albums
View 5 Songs
Raanjhanaa A.R. Rahman
Rushlights Jeffrey Coulter View 17 Songs
Somm Brian Carmody View Album
View 1 Song
Unfinished Song (Song for Marion) Laura Rossi View 2 Albums
View 19 Songs

June 24 – 30, 2013

Day Movie Title (18 total titles) Composer(s) Links
How to Make Money Selling Drugs Spencer Nezey
Tom Caffey (additional music)
Ashtar Command (additional music)
KO the Legend (additional music)
Greg Ogan (additional music)
View 4 Songs
The Heat Michael Andrews View 2 Albums
View 25 Songs
White House Down Harald Kloser
Thomas Wander
Thomas Schobel (additional music)
Marcus Trumpp (additional music)
View 2 Albums
View 7 Songs
100 Bloody Acres Glenn Richards View 16 Songs
A Band Called Death Tim Boland
Sam Retzer
View 46 Songs
Byzantium Javier Navarrete View Album
View 10 Songs
Copperhead Laurent Eyquem View Album
Detention of the Dead Cody Westheimer View Album
View 11 Songs
Gideon's Army Paul Brill
Hidden Universe 3D Dale Cornelius View Album
I'm So Excited! (Los amantes pasajeros) Alberto Iglesias View Album
View 5 Songs
The Lady Assassin (My Nhan Ke) -
Laurence Anyways Noia View 26 Songs
Museum Hours -
Redemption (Hummingbird) Dario Marianelli View Album
View 4 Songs
The Secret Disco Revolution Jamie Shields
David Wall
Adam B. White
Some Girl(s) David Carbonara View 7 Songs
Evil Intent -

June TBD, 2013

Day Movie Title (1 total titles) Composer(s) Links
TBD Angel's Perch Chris Eldridge

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