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Intrada (INT 7145)

Release Date: November 16, 2015

Conducted by John Williams

Format: CD

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Disc 1: Jaws
1. Jaws Main Title 0:59
2. The First Victim 1:45
3. Remains On The Beach 0:59
4. The Empty Raft (Extended Version) 1:45
5. The Pier Incident 2:30
6. Father And Son (Film Version) 1:59
7. The Alimentary Canal 1:58
8. Ben Gardner's Boat 3:33
9. Montage 1:35
10. Into The Estuary 2:53
11. Out To Sea (Film Version) 1:01
12. Tug On The Line 2:39
13. Man Against Beast (Film Version) 5:34
14. Quint's Tale 2:48
15. Brody Panics 1:16
16. Barrel Off Starboard 1:41
17. Great Chase 3:02
18. Shark Tows Orca 0:41
19. Three Barrels Under 2:17
20. From Bad To Worse 1:07
21. Quint Thinks It Over 1:14
22. The Shark Cage Fugue 2:02
23. The Shark Approaches (Film Version) 0:53
24. The Shark Hits The Cage 2:03
25. Quint Meets His End 1:27
26. Blown To Bits 3:17
27. Jaws End Title 1:57
28. EXTRAS: Jaws Main Title (Alternate) 1:12
29. The Typewriter 0:21
30. Man Against Beast (Alternate) 5:38
31. Barrel Off Starboard (Alternate Segment) 0:54
32. Great Chase (Alternate) 3:03
33. Shark Tows Orca (Alternate) 0:42
34. The Shark Approaches (Alternate) 0:55
35. Quint Meets His End (Alternate) 1:32
36. Wild Shark Theme 1:10
  Disc Time: 70:22
Disc 2: 1975 Album / Music from Amity Town Beach
1. 1975 ALBUM: Main Title (Theme From Jaws) 2:24
2. Chrissie's Death 1:42
3. Promenade (Tourists On The Menu) 2:48
4. Out To Sea 2:30
5. The Indianapolis Story 2:27
6. Sea Attack Number One 5:25
7. One Barrel Chase 3:10
8. Preparing The Cage 3:26
9. Night Search 3:34
10. The Underwater Siege 2:34
11. Hand To Hand Combat 2:34
12. End Title (Theme From Jaws) 2:21
13. MUSIC FROM AMITY TOWN BEACH: Joplin Rag (Original Rag) (Scott Joplin) 2:07
14. Winter Stories Waltz (Alphons Czibulka) 1:46
15. In The Good Old Summertime (George Evans & Ren Shields) 1:29
16. Thousand And One Nights Waltz (Johann Strauss Jr.) 1:49
17. Marching Band No. 1 1:09
18. Marching Band No. 2 2:05
  Disc Time:
Total Album Time:

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From the Manufacturer

The theme from Jaws is one of the most iconic in all of film music. It not only communicates the mortal threat of a living killing machine, it performs double duty and fills in for the screen absence of the shark itself. The theme is the shark. It is the menace. And it is forever engrained in our minds.

Now, forty years after the 1975 release of the film, Intrada presents a special, 2-disc presentation of the iconic, Oscar-winning score. One disc features a reissue of the original MCA recording released in '75—a rerecorded, reworking of the score for commercial audiences that won Williams his first Grammy. The other disc features the original film tracks, sourced from the unmixed 1/2" elements, completely restored using state-of-the-art technology. These master tapes featured a nontraditional mix, allowing for the low strings—the force behind the shark—to be a dominant presence amongst the orchestra. While these tracks were previously released in 2000 featuring a stereo mix derived from the 5.1 DVD spread, its mixdown and added reverb took much of the punch out of the score. Going back to the original recording, engineer Mike Matessino was able to create a thrilling new experience and achieve a stunning sound, the likes of which have not been heard from this score before.

Most of the original score was presented on the 2000 Decca release, but in addition to the remastered quality the music is now presented in narrative sequence, with a few previously truncated phrases and one short unused cue added to the program. The original elements also yielded a healthy collection of "Extras" that include an alternate version of the "Main Title." Rounding out the disc with the 1975 album is a selection of source cues from the film, also previously unreleased. John Williams reviewed and approved this entire presentation.

This landmark release is the ultimate presentation of the music from Jaws and concludes Intrada's journey to restoring the music from all the four Jaws films.

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