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December 2 – 8, 2013

Day TV Shows, Miniseries, or TV Movie Titles Formats Composers
An Adventure in Space and TimeDVDEdmund Butt
Day Older Theatrical Movies Formats Composers
All the Boys Love Mandy LaneBlu-ray | DVDMark Schulz
Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (Unrated Rich Mahogany Edition)DVDAlex Wurman
Buying SexDVD-
Desk SetBlu-rayCyril Mockridge
Dick Figures: The MovieBlu-ray | DVDNick Keller
Drinking BuddiesBlu-ray | DVD-
Family PlotBlu-rayJohn Williams
Good Ol' FredaBlu-ray | DVDPaul Koch
Il Futuro (The Future)DVDPablo Cervantes
Caroline Chaspoul
Eduardo Henriquez
Inch'AllahDVDLevon Minassian
Men at LunchDVDMike McGoldrick
Mile... Mile & a HalfDVDOpus Orange
Nicky's FamilyDVDJanusz Stoklosa
Running Wild: The Life of Dayton O. HydeDVDSteve Poltz
Smash & Grab: The Story of the Pink PanthersDVDSimon Russell
The Smurfs 2Blu-ray / DVD | DVDHeitor Pereira
Anthony Willis (additional music)
The Smurfs 2 (3D Blu-ray)Blu-ray / DVDHeitor Pereira
Anthony Willis (additional music)
Speak the Music: Robert Mann and the Mysteries of Chamber MusicDVD-
The Stone Roses: Made of StoneBlu-ray | DVDThe Stone Roses
Terms of EndearmentBlu-rayMichael Gore
The Mortal Instruments: City of BonesBlu-ray / DVD | DVDAtli Orvarsson
Dave Fleming (additional music)
Things Never SaidDVDJeremy Thomas
Winnie MandelaBlu-ray | DVDLaurent Eyquem
The WolverineBlu-ray / DVD | DVDMarco Beltrami
Brandon Roberts (additional music)
Buck Sanders (additional music)
Marcus Trumpp (additional music)
The Wolverine (3D)Blu-rayMarco Beltrami
Brandon Roberts (additional music)
Buck Sanders (additional music)
Marcus Trumpp (additional music)
Why We RideDVDSteven Gutheinz

December 9 – 15, 2013

Day Older Theatrical Movies Formats Composers
AdoreBlu-ray | DVDChristopher Gordon
Antony Partos (additional music)
Angels SingBlu-ray | DVDCarl Thiel
Scott Warren
The Angels' ShareDVDGeorge Fenton
Battle of the YearDVDChristopher Lennertz
Jamie Christopherson (additional music)
Aaron Kaplan (additional music)
Philip White (additional music)
Tim Wynn (additional music)
Battle of the Year (3D)Blu-rayChristopher Lennertz
Jamie Christopherson (additional music)
Aaron Kaplan (additional music)
Philip White (additional music)
Tim Wynn (additional music)
Berberian Sound StudioDVDBroadcast
Despicable Me 2Blu-ray / DVD | DVDHeitor Pereira
Pharrell Williams (songs)
Anthony Willis (additional music)
Despicable Me 2 (3D)Blu-ray / DVDHeitor Pereira
Pharrell Williams (songs)
Anthony Willis (additional music)
Fast & Furious 6Blu-ray / DVD | DVDLucas Vidal
Brian Tyler (theme(s))
Grey GardensBlu-ray-
The HuntBlu-ray | DVDNikolaj Egelund
Jayne Mansfield's CarBlu-ray | DVDOwen Easterling Hatfield
Man of Tai ChiBlu-ray | DVDChan Kwong Wing
Mary Poppins (50th Anniversary Edition)Blu-ray / DVD | DVDRichard M. Sherman
Robert Sherman
The RooftopBlu-ray | DVDJay Chou
Sample ThisDVDPerry Botkin, Jr.
SightseersDVDJim Williams
Silent Night, Bloody Night (Restored Version)DVDGershon Kingsley
Some Girl(s)DVDDavid Carbonara
Touchy FeelyBlu-ray | DVDVinny Smith
The Ultimate LifeBlu-ray | DVDMark McKenzie
You Ain't Seen Nothin' YetDVDMark Snow

December 16 – 22, 2013

Day Older Theatrical Movies Formats Composers
Ain't Them Bodies SaintsDVDDaniel Hart
The Bystander TheoryDVDBruce Faulconer
Camille Claudel 1915DVD-
CrawlspaceBlu-rayPino Donaggio
Devil's PassDVDYuri Poteyenko
ElysiumBlu-ray / DVD | DVDRyan Amon
The FamilyBlu-ray | DVDEvgueni Galperine
Sacha Galperine
Force of ExecutionBlu-ray | DVDMichael Richard Plowman
Ghost Team OneBlu-ray | DVDSlicklife
Kick-Ass 2Blu-ray / DVD | DVDHenry Jackman
Matthew Margeson
Jason Soudah (additional music)
The Lone RangerBlu-ray / DVD | DVDHans Zimmer
Lorne Balfe (additional music)
Rupert Gregson-Williams (additional music)
Andrew Kawczynski (additional music)
Jasha Klebe (additional music)
Steve Mazzaro (additional music)
Geoff Zanelli (additional music)
Jack White (unused score)
Mischief NightDVDAnastasia Devana
Miss You Can Do ItDVDJoel Goodman
Line of DutyDVDStephen Barton
Keith A. Harter (additional music)
Museum HoursBlu-ray | DVD-
NewlyweedsDVDScott Thorough
Night Train to LisbonDVDAnnette Focks
One Direction: This Is Us (3D)Blu-ray / DVDSimon Franglen
One Direction (songs)
One Direction: This Is UsBlu-ray / DVD | DVDSimon Franglen
One Direction (songs)
Pandora's PromiseDVDGary Lionelli
Percy Jackson: Sea of MonstersBlu-ray / DVD | DVDAndrew Lockington
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (3D)Blu-ray / DVDAndrew Lockington
PrisonersBlu-ray | Blu-ray / DVD | DVDJohann Johannsson
Toad RoadDVDDag Rosenqvist
UFO (Alien Uprising)Blu-ray | DVDSi Begg

December 23 – 29, 2013

Day Older Theatrical Movies Formats Composers
Attarrintiki DaarediBlu-ray | DVDDevi Sri Prasad
The Berlin FileDVDCho Young-Wuk
Insidious: Chapter 2Blu-ray / DVD | DVDJoseph Bishara
More Than HoneyBlu-ray | DVDPeter Scherer
Una NocheDVD-
Adventures in the Sin BinDVDJonathan Sadoff

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