Best Compilation Soundtrack Album For Motion Picture, Television Or Other Visual Media

Award to the Artist(s) and/or Producer(s) of a majority of the tracks on the album, or to the individual(s) actively responsible for the concept and musical direction and for the selection of artists, songs and producers, as applicable.


Slumdog Millionaire

(Various Artists)

A.R. Rahman, producer

[N.E.E.T./Interscope Records]

Cadillac Records

(Various Artists)

Steve Jordan, producer

[Music World Music/Columbia]

Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds

(Various Artists)

Quentin Tarantino, producer

[A Band Apart/Warner Bros.]

True Blood

(Various Artists)

Alan Ball, Gary Calamar & Kevin Weaver, producers



(Various Artists)

Paul Katz & Alexandra Patsavas, producers

[Summit Ent./Chop Shop/Atlantic]

Best Score Soundtrack Album For Motion Picture, Television Or Other Visual Media

Award to Composer(s) for an original score created specifically for, or as a companion to, a current legitimate motion picture, television show or series or other visual media.



Michael Giacchino, composer

[Walt Disney Records]

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (Disc 1)

Alexandre Desplat, composer

[Concord Records]

Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince

Nicholas Hooper, composer

[New Line Records]


Danny Elfman, composer


Star Trek

Michael Giacchino, composer

[Varèse Sarabande]

Best Song Written For Motion Picture, Television Or Other Visual Media

A Songwriter(s) award. For a song (melody & lyrics) written specifically for a motion picture, television or other visual media, and released for the first time during the Eligibility Year. (Artist names appear in parentheses.) Singles or Tracks only.


Jai Ho (From Slumdog Millionaire)

Gulzar, A.R. Rahman & Tanvi Shah, songwriters (A.R. Rahman, Sukhvinder Singh, Tanvi Shah, Mahalaxmi Iyer & Vijay Prakash)

Track from: Slumdog Millionaire - Music From The Motion Picture

[N.E.E.T./Interscope Records; Publisher: KM Musiq.]

All Is Love (From Where The Wild Things Are)

Karen O & Nick Zinner, songwriters (Karen O & The Kids)

[DGC Records/Interscope; Publishers: Warner Barham Music/Chrysalis Songs]

Decode (From Twilight)

Josh Farro, Hayley Williams & Taylor York, songwriters (Paramore)

Track from: Twilight

[Summit Ent./Chop Shop/Atlantic; Publishers: WB Music Corp/But Father, I Just Want To Sing Music/Josh's Music/FBR Music, Meaux Hits/Hunterboro Music, Rimutaka Music.]

Once In A Lifetime (From Cadillac Records)

Ian Dench, James Dring, Amanda Ghost, Beyoncé Knowles, Scott McFarnon & Jody Street, songwriters (Beyoncé)

Track from: Cadillac Records

[Music World Music/Columbia; Publishers: B-Day Publishing/EMI April Music, Amanda Ghost Bucks Music Group Ltd./EMI Blackwood, Red Ink Music Ltd., Ian Dench Music/Songs of Kobalt Music, Chrysalis Music.]

The Wrestler (From The Wrestler)

Bruce Springsteen, songwriter (Bruce Springsteen)

Track from: Working On A Dream

[Columbia; Publisher: Bruce Springsteen.]

Best Instrumental Composition

A Composer's Award for an original composition (not an adaptation) first released during the Eligibility Year. Singles or Tracks only.


Married Life (From Up)

Michael Giacchino, composer (Michael Giacchino)

Track from: Up - Soundtrack

[Walt Disney Records]

Borat In Syracuse

Paquito D'Rivera, composer (Paquito D'Rivera Quintet)

Track from: Jazz-Clazz

[Timba Records]

Counting To Infinity

Tim Davies, composer (Tim Davies Big Band)

Track from: Dialmentia

[Origin Records]


Bob Florence, composer (Bob Florence Limited Edition)

Track from: Legendary

[MAMA Records]


Steve Wiest, composer (University Of North Texas One O'Clock Lab Band)

Track from: Lab 2009

[North Texas Jazz]