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November 4 – 10, 2013

Day   Album (47 total albums) Music by Format(s) /
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Black Nativity - Be Grateful (Single)Black Nativity - Be Grateful (Single)
-MP3View Movie
En solitaireEn solitaire
B Original
Patrice RensonCD | MP3View Movie
Make LoveMake Love
Freudenhammer Tonträger
The ZabotsMP3View TV Series
Quai d'Orsay: DynamiteQuai d'Orsay: Dynamite
Various ArtistsMP3 | iTunesView Movie
Scary NormalScary Normal
Hot Diggity Productions
Andrew Edwards
Various Artists
CDView Movie
The Starving GamesThe Starving GamesTim Wynn
Various Artists
MP3 | iTunesView Movie
Big Sky Song
Phil MountfordMP3View Movie
What Makes Us HumanWhat Makes Us Human
Ramon JoseMP3 | iTunesView Short Film
Bon Voyage!!!Bon Voyage!!!
Limited Edition of 500 Copies

Beat Records
Piero UmilianiCD | Official Site-
Che casino... con Pierino! / 3 Supermen contro il PadrinoChe casino... con Pierino! / 3 Supermen contro il Padrino
Limited Edition of 500 Copies

Beat Records
Nico FidencoCD | Official SiteView 2 Movies
Che fine ha fatto Toto baby? / Gli onorevoliChe fine ha fatto Toto baby? / Gli onorevoli
Armando TrovajoliCD | MP3 | iTunes | Official SiteView 2 Movies
Cocoon - ExpandedCocoon - Expanded
James HornerCD | Official SiteView Movie
IsabelIsabelFederico JusidMP3 | iTunesView TV Series
The Man from the Deep RiverThe Man from the Deep River
Limited Edition of 500 Copies

Beat Records
Daniele PatucchiCD | Official SiteView Movie
Niente rose per OSS 117Niente rose per OSS 117
Beat Records
Piero PiccioniCD | Official SiteView Movie
Poveri ma belliPoveri ma belli
Giorgio FaborCD | MP3 | iTunes | Official SiteView Movie
Valhalla Rising - Limited Vinyl EditionValhalla Rising - Limited Vinyl Edition
Limited Edition of 800 Copies

WeMe Records
Peter Kyed
Peter Peter
Vinyl | Official SiteView Movie
Black NativityBlack Nativity
Langston Hughes
Laura Karpman
Raphael Saadiq
CD | MP3 | iTunesView Movie
Blood TiesBlood TiesYodelice
Various Artists
CDView Movie
My Last Day Without YouMy Last Day Without You
Eusonia Records
Various ArtistsMP3 | iTunesView Movie
Thor: The Dark WorldThor: The Dark World
Walt Disney Records
Brian TylerCD | MP3 | iTunes | Official SiteView Movie
Una piccola impresa meridionaleUna piccola impresa meridionale
Sony BMG
Rita Marcotulli
Rocco Papaleo
CDView Movie
Insidious: Chapter 2Insidious: Chapter 2
Void Recordings
Joseph BisharaCD | MP3 | iTunes | Vinyl | Official SiteView Movie
Last VegasLast Vegas
Varese Sarabande
Mark MothersbaughCD | MP3 | iTunes | Official SiteView Movie
Machete KillsMachete Kills
Morada Music
Carl Thiel
Various Artists
CD | MP3 | iTunes | VinylView Movie
Sunshine On LeithSunshine On Leith
Paul Englishby
Various Artists
CD | MP3 | iTunesView Movie
Days of Thunder - Original ScoreDays of Thunder - Original Score
Limited Edition of 3,000 Units

La-La Land Records
Hans ZimmerCD | Official SiteView Movie
The Great Fantasy Adventure Album - Ultra HD MasteringThe Great Fantasy Adventure Album - Ultra HD Mastering
LIM Records
13 related composersCDView 16 Movies
Jazz On Film: The New WaveJazz On Film: The New Wave
Moochin About
Various ArtistsCD-
Millennium - Main Title (Single)Millennium - Main Title (Single)
BSX Records
Mark SnowDigital | Official SiteView TV Series
Limited Edition of 2,000 Units

La-La Land Records
Danny ElfmanCD | Official SiteView Movie
Round-Up - Ultra HD MasteringRound-Up - Ultra HD Mastering
LIM Records
Those CallowaysThose Calloways
Limited Edition

BYU Film Music Archives
Max SteinerCD | Official SiteView Movie
Un dollaro bucatoUn dollaro bucato
Gianni FerrioCD | MP3 | Official SiteView Movie
Vintage Hollywood Classics VIIIVintage Hollywood Classics VIII
-MP3 | iTunes-
Crooked ArrowsCrooked Arrows
Perseverance Records
Brian RalstonCD | MP3 | iTunes | Official SiteView Movie
Love TomorrowLove Tomorrow
Laluna Records
Kevin PollardMP3 | iTunesView Movie
Het DinerHet Diner
Riva Media Records
Fons MerkiesMP3 | iTunesView Movie
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty: Step Out (Single)The Secret Life of Walter Mitty: Step Out (Single)Jose GonzalezMP3 | iTunesView Movie
The RopesThe Ropes
Wide Blue Sky
Jeff RonaMP3 | iTunesView TV Series
The Book ThiefThe Book Thief
John WilliamsCD | MP3 | iTunesView Movie
Helden - Wenn dein Land dich brauchtHelden - Wenn dein Land dich braucht
i2i Musikproduktion
Johannes VogelMP3 | iTunesView TV Movie
Parlophone Music
Michelino BiscegliaDigitalView Movie
Olivetti: la forza di un sogno - Close Your Mind (Single)Olivetti: la forza di un sogno - Close Your Mind (Single)
Rai Trade Italy
Paolo VivaldiMP3 | iTunesView TV Series
Rai Trade Italy
Paolo VivaldiMP3 | iTunesView TV Movie
The InvaderThe Invader
Hamburger Records
Evgueni Galperine
Sacha Galperine
MP3 | iTunesView Movie
Minecraft - Volume BetaMinecraft - Volume BetaDaniel RosenfeldMP3 | iTunesView Video Game

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